Tea Time

by Danielle Leo

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released June 3, 2011

Engineered/Mixed and Produced by: Nolan Rossi

Recorded at: Aashrum Studio (Ortonville MI.)

Mastered at: Spectrum Mastering (Nashville TN.)

Photography by: Lindsey Fugitt

Artwork/design by Brandon Husken


Danielle Leo: Vocals and piano on "Silver Dollar"

additional musicians:

Ben West: Keys
Bryon Rossi: Bass
Danny Rossi: Drums
Nolan Rossi: Guitars

All songs were written by Danielle Leo



all rights reserved


Danielle Leo Clinton Township, Michigan

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Track Name: Get Gone
You keep on satisfying my insecurities
Pushing me down farther so I cannot see
Whats going inside your mind
Boy I can see you shooting lies through those eyes

I know now you were never ever mine
Doing things I never ever want to find
Your hearts been traveling for so long
So go on and get gone

Stealing things from me I never ever knew I had
Sticky fingers got me feeling broke and sad
Why donʼt you walk away and let me breathe?
Instead you stay and take advantage of me
Well no more

Chorus x2
Track Name: Keep On
I donʼt know where Iʼm going
But I do know where I've been
Reflecting on old memories
Some sacred, but some are dark
Growing everyday
I am learning how to listen when I pray
So donʼt hesitate,
donʼt hesitate to look me in the eyes

I can find beauty in the sunrise
I can still see the love in your sweet eyes
Just gotta keep on, trying
Brokenness has surrounded me
But I never stand alone
Cause now I know no matter which road
Iʼll always find my way home
So one step at a time
One moment to shine
I always new that I could

*repeat chorus*

Just gotta keep on, trying
Track Name: Searching
Iʼve been searching, searching
Everyday and every night
For something that leaves me empty
Every time my hands turn up dry

So tell me I am not floating
Searching for things Iʼll never find
Cause my heart keeps on beating
Its turning in and turning out

Whisper to me thoughts of hope
And cradle my fears and push all my doubts

I have searched across this nation
through oceans deep and rivers wide
Standing with my feet buried
in the sand and rushing tide

So tell me I am not floating
Searching for things Iʼll never find
Cause my soul keeps singing
Its hoping big and hoping wild

Chorus II
So whisper to me thoughts of hope
And cradle my fears and push all my doubts
Out into a place where love is strong

Chorus II
Track Name: The Fight
Oh child you are weary
Broken and so needy
Guilt weighs heavy on your chest
Come to me and find rest

Hope lives in the promise that Iʼll be by your side

Gentle hands you guide me
When the thickest darkness is blinding
And though I try to deny it I can no longer fight it


Lord I need you
Lord I canʼt do this without you
Track Name: Silver Dollar
Cunning, quickly, you start to need me
Gently, softly, we settle in
Knowing only, what youʼve shown me
Pushing forward, you take my breath

Chorus I:
Foam dancing on the tide
Silver dollar caught my eye

Unexpected, now Iʼm grateful
Whispering words, Iʼve longed to hear

Chorus II
Are you mine
Can I find you in time

Chorus III
Foam dancing on the tide
Can I find you in time
Will I find you in time